About First Baptist Church

The Church is the Body of Christ on Earth. Our Lord Jesus Christ touched persons’ lives while He was upon this Earth. He continues to touch individuals today. The experience of having been changed by the Savior’s touch is the testimony of the believers found at First Baptist Church. As those who have received Christ and have been called into the fellowship of His Church, we, now, are about the ministry of touching lives through the Holy Spirit who lives within us.

Touching lives through worship
Our highest calling is to know Christ and worship Him. It is in worship that we receive the strength to serve the Lord. In worship, we find new hope. In worship, God touches our heart and we bring joy to Him.

Touching lives through witness
We believe that Christ has called us to follow Him. Followers of Christ are to live exemplary lives before God and others. Love, integrity, and good works are to distinguish the believer from those in the world. In witness, we touch the lifestyles of others and are Christ’s luminaries in a dark world.

Touching lives through evangelism
We believe that we have been born again through faith in the Son of God. Christ Jesus is the only Savior of the world. Our firm conviction in Christ and our understanding of the lost condition of individuals without Christ lead us to share the message of Christ with others. In evangelism, we touch the souls of others and build the Kingdom of God.

Touching lives through discipleship
To know our Lord more intimately is to love Him even more. With joy, we carry His cross. With awe, we learn of His ways. With personal surrender, we come to know the maturity of the deeper life in Christ. In discipleship, we touch the clay of others and watch the fruit of the Holy Spirit grow.

Touching lives through ministry
Our Lord went about doing good. His followers are to care and share in Jesus’ name. We believe that we can meet needs because Christ is our resource. In ministry, we touch the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others and, in so doing, minister to Christ Himself.

Touching lives through fellowship
We have been born into the family of God through the new birth. As a family, we spend time together learning to love and serve one another in Christ. In fellowship, we enjoy the warmth of family and foster love for one another.

Touching lives is what First Baptist Church is all about.