Media Ministry at First Baptist Church

The Media Ministry is responsible for helping communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ and information about First Baptist Church through the use of mass media. The Media Ministry also facilitates communication within and among the membership of the church.

The Television Ministry is probably the most visible element of the Media Ministry. Each week, a taped-delayed worship service can be viewed on Danville Adelphia Cable Channel 6 on Monday Evenings at 9:06 PM. Dozens of volunteers are involved in the production of this program.

The Media Ministry designs and maintains the church’s presence on the World Wide Web.

In addition to the weekly television program and the Internet site, First Baptist Church uses other media to reach the public, including newspaper advertisements and brochures.

The Media Ministry publishes the church newsletter, "The Shepherd" which is mailed monthly to church member homes. We also provide desktop publishing services, such as the Sunday worship bulletin, promotional brochures, and educational materials.