Missions Opportunities


From the very start of First Baptist back in late 1800’s we have been a mission minded church. We continue to seek areas where we can serve and have people partner with us. the following is  just  a small listing of the mission projects that our church has been a part of:

1. Helping to start 8 local churches.

2. We’ve had youth and adults go to many foreign mission fields doing the following:

     A.  Help to build a church in Russia and Vacation Bible schools.

     B.  Being a part of building 3 churches, 2 schools, many VBS training

           sessions for pastors, water work, building over 30 homes, feeding

           the children and adults, giving out bibles, and witnessing in Haiti.

      C.  Worked in Switzerland, Brazil, Poland, several central American             vacation Bible schools, feeding the hungry, shoes for the shoeless and other things.

      D.  Home visits and Bible schools in Cherokee, N.C., and Katrina clean-up

      D.  Youth went to Canada on a mission trip, Panama City beach ministry, and clean up work in Nashville, TN.

3. The following are some of the mission projects we have done in Kentucky and locally:

           A. Fixed up churches, person’s homes, visitations, witnessing, and  vacation Bible schools in Lynch, Harlan county and Floyd county.

B.  Participated in food drives for 5 local food banks and God’s Appalachian Partnership (GAP). 

C.  Work with Jefferson St. Baptist Center, family first project, single mom’s, and many other  care projects.

D.  We try to be Jesus' hands and feet wherever and whenever we are needed.