Music Ministry / Choir at First Baptist Church

Come and be a part of our music ministry at First Baptist Church

In music, the level of talent may vary widely, but the passion and desire is the same for all.

Before joining, pray that God will confirm in your heart that this is an area of service into which you can invest your time and effort for an extended period.

We are looking for choir members for the long haul in the ministry. Our music people at First Baptist are pulled in numerous directions trying to balance home, job, church, and their Christian walk.

I pray all our rehearsals will hope to accomplish the following goals on a weekly basis:

  • Provide an outlet of joy and fulfillment, away from your daily stress
  • Provide a spiritual re-fueling through the texts of the songs and devotionals
  • Provide a bonding time of fellowship with other believers
  • Equip you with musical skills that will further your God-given talents
  • Teach expression, as we convey the celebration and relevance of the Christian life
  • Provide a standard of excellence, which requires singing with your heart, not just your voice

God equips each of us with gifts, talents, abilities, desires, and passion for different areas of the ministry. At First Baptist Church, we believe that your musical area of service and ministry should line up with your passion, talent, and spiritual gift.

Whether you like to sing or play, sing hymns or praise and worship music, are young or old, we have a place for you. We invite you to come and share in this wonderful ministry of serving our Lord through music.

Feel free to call the church office at (859) 236-2276 for more information about these opportunities.