Prayer at First Baptist Church


God has established prayer as priority for Him to release His power. We are asking God to bring us into a prayer relationship with Him in order for Him to change our hearts, the hearts of our church members, the hearts of our community and the people around the world.

We want each of you to have an opportunity to become involved in this ministry.


1. Upper Room Prayer - 10:45 to 11:00 a.m. As the Sunday morning Worship Service begins. Praying specifically for each person participating in the service that God will use them to minister to those present; that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of every person who enters the sanctuary, to strengthen them in their Christian walk or to lead them to salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Altar Call Prayer Volunteers - To go to the altar after the invitation is given to pray and ask God to forgive our sins - to ask God to forgive the sins of the church - to pray that the lost will come to know Jesus as Savior - to pray the God's glory will fall upon the church.

3. Crisis Prayer Chain - To respond to crisis needs such as illness, surgery, spiritual concerns, and for comfort of the grieving and support whenever needed.

4. Prayer Walking - Walking to the location about which we are concerned. Such as area schools.

If you have an urgent prayer request, call Marti Lough, at (859) 246-7525 or the church office, at (859) 236-2276.