Student Ministry at First Baptist Church

The goal of the student ministry at First Baptist Church is to connect students with other Christians, to help grow them in their faith, to equip them for ministry, and challenge them to honor God with their lives; while bringing other non-believing teenagers to know Christ.

The most important part of First Baptist Youth Ministries is the team effort. Everyone has a role and responsibility which provides for an organized and growing ministry. Rather than just attending youth group events, the students have a large role in the decision-making and production of our activities. They are given ownership of this ministry. Not only does this facilitate the development of commitment and leadership, it strengthens their personal and spiritual growth.

Our mission statement is simple: Believe It. Show It. Share It.

We exist to take ownership of our faith and to believe in Jesus as the way to eternal life, to show it by the way we live out our lives as Christ followers, and to share the Gospel of truth with those who we come into contact with.

It would be a privilege to have you join us if you are in middle or high school. Come check us out on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 6PM in the youth room. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the fellowship and growth toward Christ!

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the Student Ministry, please contact Dan